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Creative Learning Resources: Spoken Walls

26 Mar 2022
Creative Learning Resources: Spoken Walls

Much Ado About Mothing

Alexander, 18, Browns Bay

"The moths who sit by my lamp until they die are my inspiration because I have spent many nights by their side. What valiant and pretty creatures they are!"


4 hours

Arahi, 15, Central Auckland

"I wrote this poem about my experience as an urban Māori away from home."


I have Hope

Brody (Simpl3), 15, Papakura

"I was inspired to write this poem after I met someone who makes me happy and is an amazing friend, girlfriend and person in general."



Flo (he/they), 18, Papatoetoe

"This poem was inspired by a deep spiritual need for me to express my gratitude for all the people, places and lessons which have helped make and shape who I am today."


Southside Samoan

Helisa, 16, Papakura

"This piece is about what it means to be a Samoan who was raised in South Auckland instead of Samoa. This poem is important because it's a response to people who don't understand the struggle of growing up away from where you are from."



Hellen, Mount Albert

"I wrote this poem almost as a reminder reminding myself to stop caring so much."


Our Place

Hiwa, 16, Manurewa

"The poem is inspired by an abditory I’ve imagined for a while now and hope to make a reality one day. The hiding place of my catharsis."


A retelling of the Titanic

Huyen, 15, Torbay

“It’s devastating to look at today’s world and realise that all this beauty will be gone if we keep going down this path we’re on.”


I see a man

Jono, Glendowie

“I felt the need to write this poem to show what I feel makes a real man.”


Rangatahi revolution

Kate, 16, Mount Roskill

“A rangatahi call to action to arise in hope and use our voice to positively influence others. We need to be the change.”


A word from Saint

Lauraly, 16, Papakura

"It’s so important for me to be able to share my truth and hope and aspirations that have all been encouraged by the grace that God has shown me in my life."


Celebrating Today

Lorenzo, 16, Manurewa

“This piece is about my hopes for today (but also every day). This is important for me because this is my future I will be living.”


Ode to Black Women

Natalie Kanyuchi, 16, Papakura

“This piece is about imagining a bright future where black women don't feel the need to be 'tough'.”


Holding on to hope

Sammy, 16, Wellsford

“This piece is inspired of how hope can change so quickly and how holding onto it is so important for life”


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